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Nictau Camps to Portage Trail Route


Nictau Camps to Portage Trail Route


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Quick Facts

Features mountains, portage
Access easy
Route Difficulty easy
Water Body Type open lake
Current Type none
Route Type loop or linear
Route Distance 1.9 km one way
Portage Distance none
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins return
Elevation Change none
Scenery Rating must see
Cell Reception none
Fees Mount Carleton Park


The Nictau Lake camps are situated on a point in the lake at the base of Mount Sagamook. The camps are at a very narrow part of the lake that is only 50 meters across at its narrowest point. This paddle travels along the long, narrow Little Nictau Lake. The lake is at the base of Mount Sagamook on the right. The lake narrows in and then turns left and goes along a grassy wetland. After a turn in the wetland you should be able to see the yellow signs for the Portage Trail ahead on the right. At the signs a boardwalk comes to the water's edge.

A brigade of canoes approaching the Portage Trail

If you are really ambitious you can use the 4 kilometre long Portage Trail to access Bathurst Lake.




For directions to the park go to the Mount Carleton Park page.

Note: Ask at the gatehouse if you are able to access the lake from in front of the camps. If people are staying at the camps you may have to find another launch.

From the gate, drive for 2.5 kilometers until you come to a small field and the sign for the new lodge. Drive through the small field (s-turn) and continue along the lake. Drive for another 4.9 kilometres. Just past the parking for the Mount Sagamook hiking trail, you will come to a road that descends the hill on the left. This short road takes you down to the Nictau Lake camps. Park near the camps and cross the small field to get to the boat launch.

Nictau camps
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Route last paddled: August 10, 2016.

Page last updated: April 17, 2022.