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Keswick Island Route, Keswick River

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Clear Lake and Mud Lake Route



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Quick Facts

Features wetlands
Access short portage
Route Difficulty easy
Water Body Type lake, wetlands
Current Type none
Route Type loop
Route Distance 5.8 km
Portage Distance 50 m
Estimated Time 3 hours
Elevation Change 1 metre
Scenery Rating beautiful
Cell Reception minimal
Fees none


Note: Wind conditions can drastically vary the speed and difficulty of your trip. Please plan accordingly.

You will start in Clear Lake. I started by crossing over clear lake to the Ducks Unlimited Dam that separates the two lakes. The lake is quite shallow, and clear as its name implies. There were lots of lily pads in the lake. When I got to the Ducks Unlimited dam I took the boat out of the water and carried it down the small hill to put it in Mud Lake. A very easy portage.

A beaver hut in Mud Lake at Blaney Ridge

When in Mud Lake I decided to stay to the right and explore the wetland on the eastern side of the lake. There was actually a flow of water in the narrow stream between the wetland and the woods, even though it looks like it started and ended in the lake. I saw many ducks and heard an eagle in one of the pine trees. When I got to the end of the wetland I looped around the north end of the lake and explored a wide stream that entered the lake on the right. There was another wetland along the west side of the lake but no channels to explore.

I passed by an inlet on the right that had several ducks in it. I then made my way along the shore. I saw signs of beaver (hut) but didn't seen any beaver. I could see a few large boulders out in the middle of the lake. I was running out of time so I decided to check them out on my way back across the lake. I wish I would have had time to explore the stream that enters the lake in the southwest corner. It looks like it may be a deadwater that could be worth exploring. That is my plan for the next visit.


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From route 2 take the exit for Kings Landing in Prince William. Turn towards the Petro-Can gas station and continue on route 635 away from Kings Landing. Drive for 17.4 kilometers to Blaney Ridge and look for Holt Road on the right. Drive in the Holt Road for 4.8 kilometres and you will start to see the lake through the trees on the left. The Holt Road is used by large gravel trucks to access a pit so use caution.

Another way to get there is to drive through the Pokiok Road from Nackawic. This is a longer route on a gravel road. From route 2 take the exit to Nackawic. Head towards Nackawic and at the bottom of the hill (650 metres) turn right onto the Pokiok Road. Drive for 19 kilometres on the gravel road and look for the lake through a narrow strip of trees on the right. The Pokiok Road is a logging road so use caution.

A short portage (25 metres) is required to access the lakes. Find a safe place to park along the road near the centre of the lake. This is where the strip of woods is narrowest. It is always worthwhile to plan your path to the lake before carrying the boat. This way you will find the best path and best place to put in on the shore.


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Trail Last Hiked: July 3, 2022.

Page Last Updated: June 18, 2023