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Keswick Island Route, Keswick River

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Keswick Island Route


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Quick Facts

Features backwaters, farm fields
Access boat launch
Route Difficulty moderate
Water Body Type river
Current Type moderate flow
Route Type linear
Route Distance 5 km return
Portage Distance none
Estimated Time 2 hours return
Elevation Change 4 metres
Scenery Rating beautiful
Cell Reception medium
Fees none


Note: Weather conditions can drastically vary the speed and difficulty of your trip. Please plan accordingly.

Get in the water, turn right and float down under the bridge. Keswick River takes some large turns through a hardwood forest and then emerges into farmers' fields. Around the second turn you will find an smaller channel on the right. Keswick Island is in between the two channels. The channel to the right goes through more farmers' fields in the Keswick flats. After a long turn through the field you will come to another channel on the right. Mitchell's Island is in between these two channels.

Both channels go for a distance but are then blocked by farm roads used to access the islands. Return to the main river and turn right to go down to the mouth of Keswick River. We paddled out to the point where the Keswick River meets the Wolostoq (St. John River). During our paddle in May there was a medium flow in the Keswick River but it wasn't too hard of a paddle back to the car. The Wolostoq (St. John) River has more of a current. If you venture out into the Wolostoq (St. John) River make sure you can paddle back against the current before you go too far.

Keswick Island Kayaking Route


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From Fredericton drive to the corner of Route 104 and 105 in Keswick Ridge. Continue past the mall on Route 105. Just past the mall you will go over a bridge over the Keswick River. Just past the bridge there is a hole in the guardrail on the right. Turn into this road and keep right. At the end of this road is a boat launch under the bridge.

Keswick River Boat launch at Route 105

Trail Last Hiked: May 23, 2022.

Page Last Updated: May 18, 2023.