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Keswick Island Route, Keswick River

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Tripp Settlement to Route 104 Route


Tripp Settlement to Route 104 Route


Store Lower St. John River Region

Quick Facts

Features river, farms
Access moderate
Route Difficulty easy
Water Body Type narrow river
Current Type variable flow
Route Type linear
Route Distance 7.6 km one way
Portage Distance none
Estimated Time 4 hours
Elevation Change 5 meters
Scenery Rating beautiful
Cell Reception variable
Fees none


Keswick River is a meandering river through mostly farmer's fields. On the outside of bends in the river there is eroded banks. On the inside of bends there are gravel beaches. We took the kids with us on tubes but it's not a great tubing river. It was too shallow in many places. We also went when lampreys were spawning, which freaked out the kids a bit.

Lamprey in Keswick River

We saw several bald eagles, and fish in the deeper pools. A few of the bends in the river had layers of clay exposed by the erosion. There were also many bank swallow nests in the higher cliffs.

Layers of clay along the Keswick River

This river would be a good run in the spring but be careful of fallen trees on the outside of turns. If you go in the summer months expect to do some walking and don't be in a hurry.



In Burtts Corner turn onto Tripp Settlement Road. Drive for 450 meters and you will cross a single lane steel bridge. At the far end of the bridge, just past the guardrail, you will find a small wide spot along the road on the right. Park here. To access the river, walk back to the bridge, climb over the guardrail on the opposite side of the road, and follow the path down to the beach under the bridge.

On our trip we left a second car where the Keswick River flows under Route 105. To get there return to route 104 in Burtts Corner and head towards Fredericton. Continue for 8.5 kilometres and turn right at the junction with route 105 (near the strip mall). Drive for 400 meters and after crossing Keswick River look for a gravel road down to the right. Go as far as you are comfortable with on this road. The road ends at the river. Don't block the access road.

On our trip we didn't even get halfway to route 105 due to the low water. We also had the kids on tubes slowing us down. Distances are misleading on this river. The river is very meandering, doubling back on itself as it twists and turns. The distance on the river is about double what it would be on the adjacent route 104. We found a path up over the hill where the river came close to Route 104. I walked back to the car at Tripp Settlement Road. I started walking back on route 104 and then took a short cut on the old rail bed trail.

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Trail Last Hiked: June 6, 2020.

Page Last Updated: May 12, 2022.