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Nackawic to Coac Stream Route


Nackawic to Coac Stream Route


Store Lower St. John River Region

Quick Facts

Features houses, fields
Access dock
Route Difficulty easy
Water Body Type open lake
Current Type minimal
Route Type loop or linear
Route Distance 11.8 km return
Portage Distance none
Estimated Time 5 hours return
Elevation Change none
Scenery Rating beautiful
Cell Reception strong
Fees none


Note that this route is in the lake created by the Mactaquac Dam. For this reason current isn't an issue, but the river is 1 kilometre wide here so wind may impact your paddle. The dam plans for weather events (ex: lowers the water levels when rain is in the forecast). This may impact how much beach is exposed along the shoreline.

We travel this route often because we live close by. The route starts by crossing the river to the RV campground. Once across the river turn right and go down along the shore. You will first pass by high gravel banks that are the edge of a gravel pit. Look for wildlife and shore birds along the shore. The route then goes around a point followed by an inlet. Make sure you look for bald eagles in the tall pine trees around the inlet.

Paddling along the pits across from Nackawic

Past the inlet the route passes by some fields and then quite a few houses in the woods. After a while the shore starts to open up again with a few more farmers' fields. After one of these fields there is a high bank and a point. Around this point there is another inlet. In this inlet you will find the an old stone bridge on what used to be the road before the Mactaquac dam flooded the area.

Two raccoons and a Great Blue Heron along the shore

Once you are done checking out the old bridge then return the way you came.



For directions to Nackawic go to the Nackawic page.

This route starts at the dock at the Big Axe Marina.

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Trail Last Hiked: October 21, 2021.

Page Last Updated: May 14, 2022.