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Keswick Island Route, Keswick River

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Nackawic to Nackawic Bridge Route


Nackawic to Nackawic Bridge Route


Store Lower St. John River Region

Quick Facts

Features fields, bridge
Access dock
Route Difficulty easy
Water Body Type open lake
Current Type none
Route Type loop
Route Distance 3.7 km return
Portage Distance none
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins return
Elevation Change none
Scenery Rating beautiful
Cell Reception strong
Fees none


Note that this route is in the lake created by the Mactaquac Dam. For this reason current isn't an issue, but the river is 1 kilometre wide here so wind may impact your paddle. The dam plans for weather events (ex: lowers the water levels when rain is in the forecast). This may impact how much beach is exposed along the shoreline.

This route can be done in a loop. Start by crossing the river to the RV campground. At the campground turn left and travel along the shoreline. You will pass by an inlet next to the campground, and then a wooded area with small wetlands along the shore. On our last paddle we met up with an otter that we called Peep. He led us all the way to the bridge and intermittently stuck his head out of the water and peeped.

Peep the otter

After the wooded area you will come to a few houses with lawns down to the river. You will then come to a small building that juts out into the river. Don't get too close to the building. This is a pump station for sending water up to the pulpmill on the hill. In the inlet, just past the pump station, you will see a long dock. This is for boats to access the Waterfront Pub. The pub is a short distance through the trees. There is also a Vietnamese Restaurant next to it if you are hungry.

After you had a meal and checked out the pub, get back in your boat and continue along the shoreline. You will be passing along a few more houses with lawns down to the river. Make sure you look for ducks and herons along the way. Soon you will come to Nackawic Bridge. Look for cormorants on the bridge cables. They love to hang out there.

Nackawic Bridge

After you are done checking out the bridge you can start your return towards Nackawic on the other side of the river. On this side of the river you will pass by a wooded area and then some fields and lawns before returning to the dock.



For directions to Nackawic go to the Nackawic page.

This route starts at the dock at the Big Axe Marina.

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Trail Last Hiked: October 11, 2021.

Page Last Updated: May 14, 2022.