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NB Rivers Water Levels Guide

Water levels can make or break a paddling trip. The impact varies depending on the river. Some rivers can only be run in the spring while others are better suited for slow, summer paddles. The list below provides links to trip reports at different water levels, and real-time water levels on the major rivers throughout the province.

Thank you to Ken Corbett for compiling and providing these trip reports. I would highly recommend his book My Secret River. It is full of the paddling routes and stories from his many river adventures throughout the province.

For more information on water levels in the province check out Whitewater NB.



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Disclaimer: Conditions in a river may change. This guide should only be used as a reference. Use at your own risk.

River Guage Location Guage Trip Reports
Aroostook River Tinker 01AG003 1
Bartholomew River Blackville 01BO001 2
Becaguimac Stream Coldstream 01AJ010 3
Big Presque Isle Stream Tracey Mills 01AJ004 2
Cains River Blackville 01BO001 3
Canaan River East Canaan 01AP002 2
Cocagne River Beersville 01BS001 2
Cross Creek Narrows Mountain 01AL004 1
Dennis Stream St. Stephen 01AR006 3
Digdequash River St. Stephen 01AR006 1
Dungarvon River Blackville 01BO001 1
Eel River Dundee 01BJ012 1
Gaspereau River Salmon River at Castaway 01AN002 3
Green River 1
Hammond River Kennebecasis River at Apohaqui 01AP004 3
Kedgwick River Kedgwick River 01BC001 2
Kedron Stream multiple 1
Kennebecasis River Kennebecasis River at Apohaqui 01AP004 1
Keswick River Narrows Mountain 01AL004 4
Lepreau River Lepreau 01AQ001 1
Little River (Moncton) Petitcodiac 01BU002 2
Little Southwest Miramichi River Lyttleton 01BP001 3
Little Tobique (Nictau Lake to Forks) Riley Brook 01AH002 1
Magaguadavic River Elmcroft 01AQ002 4
Main Southwest Miramichi River Blackville 01BO001 8
McKenzie to Youngs Brook Nashwaak at Narrows Mountain 01AL004 1
Meduxnekeag River Belleville A1AJ003 2
Nashwaak Durham Bridge 01AL002 6
Nashwaaksis Stream Sandwith's Farm 01AK006 7
Nepisiguit River Middle River Bathurst 01BJ010 4
New River Lepreau 01AQ001 1
North Branch Oromocto River Tracy 01AM001 2
North Renous River multiple 3
North Rusagonis North Branch Oromocto at Tracy 01AM001 1
Northwest Upsalquitch Restigouche River near Rafting Grounds 01BJ007 4
Patapedia River Restigouche River at Rafting Grounds 01BJ007 2
Piskahegan River North Branch Oromocto at Tracy 01AM001 2
Pollet River Petitcodiac 01BU002 1
Restigouche River Rafting Grounds Brook multiple 7
Serpentine River Riley Brook 01AH002 2
Shogomoc Stream Trans Canada Highway 01AK001 1
Southeast Upsalquitch River Upsalquitch River 01BE001 1
South Branch Oromocto River North Branch Oromocto at Tracy 01AM001 2
South Rusagonis Stream North Branch Oromocto at Tracy 01AM001 1
South Tay Creek Nashwaak at Durham Bridge 01AL002 7
St. Croix American Whitewater 5
St. Paul Beersville 01BS001 1
Taxis Blackville 01BO001 2
Upsalquitch River Upsalquitch 01BE001 1

Please consider sending your own trip reports and water levels. It will help make this a great resource for future paddlers. You can contact me at Email: