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Becaguimac Stream

Water Levels

River Reports

0.42 metres

Jeff K. says, "Eight canoes put in at 2:30 pm on May 2nd and we were at the bridge in Stormdale by 5 pm with a short 1.5 hour break along the way. The water level was a bit too low for a really good paddle. Everyone had to do a little bit of pushing here and there in the worst spots but overall a great, super easy, trip."

0.8 to 1.0 metres

nbpaddler says, "The best levels are in the .8 to 1.0 m levels but it can still be canoed down to .6 or so. To make the trip longer drive past Coldstream to Stormdale and put in below the little covered bridge there. It will take you 3-4 hours to the take out from there. We always take out at the old train bridge at the mouth of the Becaguimec. You can even put in at Pole Hill to make a real day trip. The best ww and most challenging part is from Coldstream down. There are several hairpins which create interesting standing waves and eddys as the water passes over the ledges on the outside turns."

1.3 metres

Mitchell said: "A group of nine paddled the Becaguimec this saturday. Water level was quite high. The level at Coldstream was 1.3m. We put in off the Pole Hill Rd at 10:30 am and off the river by 3:30 pm in Hartland for a total of 24 kms. The shuttle is very quick and the roads are great.

The first half of the trip to Coldstream was flat but quick. We spoke with a local walking dogs just above Coldstream. He told us a rapid called Hells Eddy could not be run and may be too steep to be portaged. I always wonder when locals say this....did they run it once drunk in a coleman? We proceeded cautiously after the bridge. There were some sharp turns with some drops that could easily be avoided on the opposite side because of the high water. The stream was moving very quickly with some nice wavetrains. We never did quite figure out where Hells Gate is but everything is completely runnable. I would be interested in trying in lower water as I think it would be much more technical. Glad I finally got to run it."


Real-Time Levels

For real-time water levels go to the Becaguimac Stream at Coldstream (01AJ010) on the Government of Canada website.

Becaguimac Stream at Coldstream Guage 2023


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