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Mt Creek - Gagetown Island, Gagetown

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Hammond River

Water Levels

River Reports

8.45 metres

Evan says, "What a beauty that river is! Go ... right after the next big rain!"

8.6 metres

Cosmo says, "A friend and I had a great day, we kayaked from Silver Hill on the old St Martins to Sussex highway to the Deep hole near the end of Stock farm road, 34kms!"

9.7 metres

canyak says, "Canoed from the Hillsdale Bridge to the Smithtown Bridge in 5 hours of good paddling, about 33km. Water was deep and fast. It's definitely best to hit this river after a good rain, and the water levels respond quickly."

Evan says: Here is my advice: Divide the river into three segments and pick one to see the country:

  1. Hillsdale Bridge to Highway 20 (Barnesville Bridge), to be avoided after May 1 unless you have a good three-day hard rain;
  2. Highway 820 bridge to Damascus Road at Smithtown ( good till May 15 or later after a two-day rain);
  3. Damascus Road to the Hammond River bridge at the foot (just above the Darlings Island Marsh) - usually good till June 1 or any time later after a good solid two-day rain.

The top can do a real number on canoe bottoms since it is fast and shallow and rocky. A final big caveat: stay off the river unless you can trim your canoe bow-heavy for the westerly wind. The valley runs west to southwest and wind channels right up it. The top third is so twisty and narrow that nor-west winds blow right over the valley ... mostly. Lots of great geology to see on the top third.


Real-Time Levels

For real-time water levels go to the Kennebecasis River at Apohaqui (01AP004) on the Government of Canada website.

Kennebecasis River at Apohaqui Guage 2023


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