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Mt Creek - Gagetown Island, Gagetown

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Keswick River

Water Levels

River Reports

5.43 metres

Sean says, "Paddled down the West Branch of the Keswick; water level read 5.43. We scraped a few rocks but all the corners were negotiable and we were able to make it down to Highway 104 in less than 4 hours."

5.49 metres

Perfect height, lots of water, no dragging.

5.55 metres

Sean says, "The water level was perfect all the way from Valley Forest Road to Burtt's Corner. No dragging at all and there were multiple lines through all of the rapids." However... "During the first hour, we encountered a LOT of blowdowns and needed to portage."

5.78 metres

Dangerous height for open boats, lots of water, big waves, some of us swamped and went for a swim. The big drops were avoided on the inside turn. Be alert for trees across the stream on the turns around islands.


Real-Time Levels

For real-time water levels go to the Nashwaak River at Narrows Mountain (01AL004) on the Government of Canada website.

Nashwaak River at Narrows Mountain Guage 2023


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