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Mt Creek - Gagetown Island, Gagetown

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Nashwaaksis Stream

Water Levels

River Reports

0.41 metres

Brendan says, "We started at Estey's Bridge. The first kilometer was very rocky and there was a fair amount of dragging. Even had to get out of the boat a couple times. I would not recommend going upstream from the bridge any further, even with high water (lots of sweepers and big rocks). This is all private property further upstream as well and the landowners aren't keen on access."

0.46 metres

Junkyard says, "The water level was .46 and about 1.5 inches below the concrete at the base of Estey's Bridge. Still a very easy paddle but it looks like the ideal water level is .5 and could be manageable down to around .4."

0.5 metres

NRGotN says, "We went last evening, one canoe and one river kayak, starting around 7ish, and had an excellent run. The water level, .5, was perfect. We never scraped, and could choose our way down without worrying about strainers. There were some trees across the stream where it widened out in the bottom half, but there was enough room to squeeze through on the right bank by the treetops."

0.58 metres

Mitch says, "Did an evening run down the nassis on May 14. Definitely a fun run with lots of rapids. Not many trees down and the few we did encounter were easy to avoid. Bounced off a few shallow rocks that we saw too late but nothing major. Took out behind the Northside Superstore but would probably take out right after the rapids under sunset drive next time as the water is slow moving after that. Took roughly 2.5 hours so great for some after work paddling"

0.65 metres

Mitchell says, "If you look upstream from the bridge on the douglas highway and all rocks are under water, it will be a good run. The water should also be over the footing of the kingsley rd bridge pier."

0.7 metres

Ryan Ward says, "So my girlfriend Sonya and I attempted (attempt being the key word) the Nashwaaksis Stream this evening. The Sandwith Farm gauge read 0.70, the water was over the footing of Estey's Bridge 4 inches, and all the upstream rocks were underwater. (All reference points I obtained on this site as I had no experience with this stream). There was certainly no worries about bottoming out, scraping or pushing based on the little section we were on. Sonya in her 11ft kayak, and I in my 16ft sea kayak set off for a rare fall opportunity to paddle. We lasted about 400m according to my GPS. We pulled out just on the far side of the mouth of the West Branch. At every turn the FAST FAST current swept you into a logjam, or a row of sweepers, or a giant rock and it was way too fast to maneuvre in my big sea kayak over to the calm side. Sonya fared no better in her little 11ft. We could see the beginning of rapids ahead decided to call it off. We didn't swamp, but came close every 25-30m. An hour of pulling the boats through the woods, and taking turns shooting across the West Branch in the little 11ft, then dragging the 16ft across on the end of a rope, spinning and flipping and fighting the whole way brought us to the far edge of the field where you put in. My experience is limited, but I think I'll use my 8ft whitewater kayak next time, and i'll be prepared for a wild fight the whole way down. This stream is not a peaceful calm evening paddle where you can float and chat with your partner and enjoy the scenery. It is an adrenaline filled adventure. Take rope, a hand saw, and be ready to swim."

1.0 metres

Daily Gleaner: "Firefighters rescued two men who were stranded on an island in a river near Esteys Bridge, outside of Fredericton, on Saturday. heavy rain contributed to the fast flow of the water, which the kayakers were not expecting to be so severe. The two were stranded for more than three hours before other members of their group, including White's father and Miller's son, contacted fire crews to perform the rescue off Kingsley Road."


Real-Time Levels

For real-time water levels go to the Nashwaaksis Stream at Sandwith's Farm Guage (01AK006) on the Government of Canada website.

Nashwaaksis Stream at Sandwith's Farm Guage 2023


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